Jack Gantos, Newbury Award winner and author of Hole in My Life: "This novel has it all: A hilarious abundance of colorful characters who radiate great humor. The writing is sophisticated without ever being precious or pretentious, and the pace of the book is unrelenting and masterfully controlled through the voice of an engaging and trustworthy narrator/main character. The supporting cast includes Chopin and Elvis and enough references to pop culture to launch a TV Game Show. I read it in one sitting. Terrific writing."

Ariel Gore, Lambda Literary Ward winner, novelist, and Hip Mama editor: "Chopin in Kentucky is a testament to the power of dance, music, and a magical imagination to get us through just about anything."

Audrey Schlulman, Philip K. Dick Award winner and author of Theory of Bastards: "Chopin in Kentucky is a dance of vivid detail, that lightly skips from humor to sadness, from female Elvis impersonators to nudist fundamentalist dads. This is a winner that will make you snort with laughter, even as it makes you squirm with self-recognition."